I'm going to try diffrent versions of MacOSX on my macbook pro. I have a Snow Leopard installed there, and need something else (possibly a Tiger) as second solution, to test the software.

So I thought of a virtual machine that would be running on my Snow Leo and have a Tiger running on it.

I tried VirtualBox, and install a MacOsX from there (from a .iso disk image), but it basically hangs during the very beginning of the instalation.

Is there any good and easy to perform solution to do this?


The only version of Mac OS X that can be legally virtualised is Mac OS X Server:



It is however possible to install a client version of OS X in e.g. VMware Fusion - but not out of the box.

First you need to re-pack the installation DVD with a small correction (addition of one empty system file), telling Fusion that it is a server edition you are installing - and after the installation you need to do the same change in the installed OS X - then you are up and running.

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