I have a printer (Sansung ML-1250) that has driver for OSX 10.3 but now I have a new mac with OSX 10.9 and I'm not sure how to handle it.

Is there any solutions?


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You are in luck. Your printer is supported by the Gutenprint open source printer drivers.


Install these and you should be OK. You may find not all functions of the printer are supported but usually with Gutenprint they come close.


The OS X Printer driver framework was heavily overhauled around the time of 10.6 so, to be frank, there's not a hope in hell that it'll work. You'll need to replace your printer with something newer.


Unless you have a Macbook which you can set back to 10.3 there's no way you can use it anymore. Old printers are a pain for new software, as they will always remain slower than the applications (in the future) will ever be.

Sorry but no, you have either have a 2nd machine which you can set back to 10.3 or you have to get a newer printer.

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