So I have been searching for hours on this.

So I installed java 1.7 on my mac before I realized I wanted/needed to use 1.6. I have managed to change everything so that the command line sees version 1.6. My issue is that whenever I try to compile something in eclipse it is saying "Specified VM install not found: type MacOS X VM, name Java SE 7 [1.7.0_45]"

I tried to reinstall 1.7 to see if that would fix things. It hasn't.

I am in OSX 10.8


The solution for now was to blow away my workspace and check everything out again


Eclipse is not good at updating its configuration :). go ahead and check for the right JRE in the following spots:

  • Eclipse global preferences (Eclipse preferences > Java > Installed JREs)
  • Project properties > Libraries

I had the same problem using ant build. The way to fix it there is by going to Run > External Tools > External tools configurations... and adjusting the JRE on the JRE tab

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Look in Preferences > Java > Installed JREs to see what JREs Eclipse knows about. You can add and remove JREs here.

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  • This is set to JRE 1.6 but when I run my ant build file it is still giving me the error concerning running the 1.7 VM – harageth Jan 20 '14 at 15:24

I had the same problem when I used ant build. The problem was in the "External Tools Configuration...". The JRE was set to 1.7.45, which no longer existed.

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