I have read everywhere that you need to backup your private keys for iOS Developer Certificates on your Mac. I want to know if public key is important to backup or not. In case if a person just keeps backup of Private keys of all certificates, can public keys be recovered on new OS installation using those old private keys? Or in other words, can I re-use those old backup certificates successfully? So Does it really matter if I do not backup public keys?

May be it's a lame Question, but I want to know about it. Thanks for helping me out..


There's no need of backing up the Public Key as it is in the actual Certificate, which can be easily downloaded from the iOS Dev Center.

When you manually generate a Certificate, you firstly need to generate a Certificate Signing Request through the Keychain Access application. When this is done, both Public and Private keys are generated. The private one is automatically saved into your Mac, whilst the public key is included in the CSR file sent to the Provisioning Authority. One of the items contained in the generated certificate sent back from the Provisioning Authority will be this public key.

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Yes, it does matter. You can backup if you want to, but I would say it's important.


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  • Thank you but I have already visited this link. It tells about private key backup, not public key. – NightFury Jan 14 '14 at 12:46

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