In Terminal it says

Last login: Mon Jan 13 00:00:14 on ttys000
Logsdon:~ DomGomez$ 

How do I change the DomGomez part in Terminal?


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If you're familiar with customising your .bashrc, I would suggest customising your prompt(PS1). Here is a tutorial among (a lot of) others about it.


first and foremost, that is not your host name as I believe.

Logsdon is your hostname, DomGomez is your username.

To change your hostname, Logsdon to something else, just go to Sharing under System Preferences, and you will find an edit button on the upper panel.

To change your username, here's a official Apple documentation detailing how.

Do backup before proceeding as the apple doc suggests.

I personally don't suggest doing that as I have failed before.


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