I have an iPhone 3Gs and recently noticed that the home button doesn't work anymore. I used AssistiveTouch.

Now I want to jailbreak my iPhone, but it's gone wrong: the device is stuck on a black screen after jailbreaking, iTunes doesn't recognise my iPhone and my home button doesn't work.

What can I do?


Let the iphone discharge. Then connect it to your computer. If iTunes recognize it, try to restore it.

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If you can't restore the device to factory settings after connecting it to iTunes, I'm afraid the best you can do is take it to a authorized Apple service center and get it fixed.

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I would reccomend a vist to authorised apple service centre.Better leave it to the professionals.

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  • I know, but i'm in Belgium, and there aren't so many of these stores here. I searched it on Google and found a program called RecBoot, but it shoeldn't work on 64 bit computers, and i have one... Do you think it's gonna work if i run a 32 bit version of windows in virtual machine and then try recboot? Thanks! – user67046 Jan 11 '14 at 9:32
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