I'm using Mac 10.7.5. Attempting to speed up my internet connection, I downloaded namebench and changed my DNS server per the suggestion given by namebench.

After restarting my computer, I can no longer connect to the internet on Safari, Firefox, or the App Store, although Chrome works just fine. Is there anything else I need to configure to enable internet browsing on these browsers?

Btw, namebench recommended I use the nameserver

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    What happens if you change the DNS server back? – grg Jan 9 '14 at 21:48
  • Or, use the google nameserver ? – Kent Jan 9 '14 at 23:19

I always use OpenDNS when troubleshooting DNS issues, try using and/or as your DNS servers on your computer. Alternatively, try setting the network interface on your computer back to auto-obtaining DNS servers from your router via DHCP.

System Preferences > Network > [Network Adapter being used (WiFi or Ethernet usually)] > Advanced > DNS tab > delete any manual entries under "DNS Servers" and you should see a few entries in light grey (those are given to your computer via DHCP) Then click "apply" and you should be all set

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