I have a WD "my Passport" external HD that is currently formatted for a PC and I would like to format it to eXFAT. Every time I hit "erase" in disk util it just comes up with the error "couldn't unmount disk". Btw, I am running on Maverick. Can anyone help me with this please?

  • Do you see any processes in Activity Monitor that are higher than usual with the exFAT drive attached? I am curious if there is something like Spotlight or fsck trying to access the drive in the background thus you have issues ejecting/unmounting
    – Andrew U.
    Jan 9 '14 at 10:28

I had the same problem with the same drive. I finally got it to work by rebooting from the recovery partition and formatting it using the disk utility option.


It's proper for the operating system to not unmount a volume if there is, on the volume, an open file that can not be closed.

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  • note the comment about use of sudo

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