I'm trying to resize the Photosshop CC window to 1280x720 to record it in 720p. I tried multiple ways, including AppleScript, SizeUP! app, terminal etc but none work.

Here's an example of AppleScript I'm using:

tell application "System Events" to tell application process "Adobe Photoshop CC" 
    display dialog (get name of window 1) 
    set position of window 1 to {50, 50}   
    set size of window 1 to {1280, 720} 
end tell

It does set the position, but does not set the size of the application window.

When I try

tell application "System Events" to tell application process "Adobe Photoshop CC"
           tell window 1
            set {size, position} to {{1280, 720}, {150, 150}}
            end tell end tell

I get the error "System Events got an error: Can’t set application process \"Adobe Photoshop CC\" to {1280, 720}." number -10006 from application process "Adobe Photoshop CC"

I have also tried to set bounds instead of size with the following code to no avail.

set the_application to "/Applications/Adobe Photoshop CC/Adobe Photoshop CC.app"
tell application the_application
    set bounds of window 1 to {1, 1, 1281, 721}
end tell

and I get "Adobe Photoshop CC got an error: Can’t set window 1 to {1, 1, 1281, 721}." number -10006 from window 1

SizeUP! app does change the position but does not effect the Photoshop window size.

Does anyone know how can I resize the Photoshop application window on a Mac to 1280x720 to record it in 720p?


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I cannot replicate your problem as I don't own Adobe Photoshop, but it seems extremely likely that the process you're trying to tell s.th. to is NOT named "Adobe Photoshop CC".
(Did happen to me once, too ...)

My guess is supported by the fact that I could exactly reproduce your error messages by using "Safari" as placeholder but mis-spelling it "SafariX" in the script.
Try this command in Script-Editor (with Photoshop running) to find out:

tell application "System Events" to get processes whose ¬
name starts with "ph"

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