simple questions,

when I run brew update here is the result

[admin@mb125:~/src/test] : brew update
Updated Homebrew from 16bd5c86 to 24073dc0.
==> New Formulae
mal4s  nbimg
==> Updated Formulae
aws-elasticbeanstalk   boost-bcp          ex-vi          libxml2            vim            youtube-dl

Great there is an updated Vim, let's update it.

[admin@mb125:~/src/test] : brew upgrade vim
Error: vim-7.4.052 already installed

so, how do I see what has been updated for Vim and why I can't upgrade it?



Formula updates don't necessarily mean the software which formula installs is updated. So, running brew upgrade without other parameters will bring brews which are outdated up to date whereas running brew upgrade <specific brew> might produce an error in case it's only the formula and not the brew which has been updated.

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