On the Windows PC there is a nice eDocPrinter PDF printer driver from Iteksoft that prints from any Windows application to a PDF file overlayed with a PDF of the corporate letterhead and even attaches the result to a new mail message in the default mail client.


  • The Automator.app in 10.8.5 doesn't seem to overlay PDF files, Automater.app only overlays image file formats.
  • There is a PDF printer driver project at sourceforge which doesn't overlay and doesn't e-mail.
  • Then there is the PDF Letterhead app, which isn't a printer driver, loses it's settings on every quit and requires the creation of an intermediate temporary PDF file because this isn't a printer driver.

Who can give a hint how to create an new mail message having a PDF document attached that is overlayed with a PDF letterhead using the Mac OS X print dialog?

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The latest version of PDF Letterhead in App Store keeps its settings. You can also choose "Open in PDF Letterhead" from the Print Menu. This saves you from creating a temporary PDF file.


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    I've tried the new version that mipmip mentioned and it's working like a charm. Just what I was looking for! Cheers! Feb 5, 2016 at 14:46

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