On the Windows PC there is a nice eDocPrinter PDF printer driver from Iteksoft that prints from any Windows application to a PDF file overlayed with a PDF of the corporate letterhead and even attaches the result to a new mail message in the default mail client.


  • The Automator.app in 10.8.5 doesn't seem to overlay PDF files, Automater.app only overlays image file formats.
  • There is a PDF printer driver project at sourceforge which doesn't overlay and doesn't e-mail.
  • Then there is the PDF Letterhead app, which isn't a printer driver, loses it's settings on every quit and requires the creation of an intermediate temporary PDF file because this isn't a printer driver.

Who can give a hint how to create an new mail message having a PDF document attached that is overlayed with a PDF letterhead using the Mac OS X print dialog?


The latest version of PDF Letterhead in App Store keeps its settings. You can also choose "Open in PDF Letterhead" from the Print Menu. This saves you from creating a temporary PDF file.


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    I've tried the new version that mipmip mentioned and it's working like a charm. Just what I was looking for! Cheers! – Gabriël Ramaker Feb 5 '16 at 14:46

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