I needed to reinstall Mac OS X, so my plan was to format the drive, install OS X Lion (since I have the USB stick here) and then update to Mavericks. Sounds simple, yet I have a problem: The Mavericks download does not start! I logged into the App Store and clicked on Load, and it says that the download is in progress.

But: Nothing happens. I do not get a progress bar in the Purchased Menu and the Icon in Launchpad only says it is Loading but the progress bar there does not change. I tried another already purchased app and it did not work either!

I deleted everything in the App Store download folder - no success

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Try resetting the Mac App Store.

  1. Enable the debug menu and restart the Mac App Store.

    defaults write com.apple.appstore ShowDebugMenu -bool true
  2. Choose the Reset Application option.

    App Store Debug Menu

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