Is there a way to backup the iPhone such that none of the apps are included? I can always download the apps from the iTunes App Store after the iPhone is restored. I would like to backup all the settings for Mail, Messages, iCloud, and the OS itself .. but I just don't have enough space on my SSD for the App backups in iTunes.

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Short Answer

Back up to iCloud and to iTunes. Then, delete the Mobile Applications folder from Windows Explorer/Finder to remove the apps that have been backed up to iTunes.

Long Answer

Make sure you read the Apple support page before you get started, but basically, I would recommend backing up to iCloud, which says that it will automatically back up your camera roll, accounts, documents, and settings. Then, do a full backup to iTunes by clicking Back Up when you plug in your iOS device. and you can remove the folder Mobile Applications on Windows or Mac by navigating to the Users\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Mobile Applications folder (actual folder names may vary based on operating system).


Deleting the Mobile Applications Folder

enter image description here Look at the directory path at the bottom of the picture, too.


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