I'm using Pages '09 with Mountain Lion (10.8.3).

Every time I open a file to just print it and don't make any modifications, Pages '09 flags it as modified.

If I just want to close +W this file, and to be sure I didn't make any unwanted modifications, I get this window:

test Pages warning window.

  • The first choice makes me think I made an unwanted modification.
  • The third one is inappropriate if I didn't made modifications.
  • The second choice bring me back to the same state: document to close and next the same warning window.

Is there an easy way to suppress this irrelevant warning window in such a case, i.e. when I didn't made any modification and such a warning window is neither necessary nor usefull.

Is this bug fixed in any recent version of Pages?

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Since the file is being modified, there's no way to suppress this.

You can notify Apple that you would like this feature implemented using their Pages feedback page:

  • → grgarside: thank you for your attempt to help. The bug is reported to Apple since more than 2 years. I'm here talking of a situation where I clearly didn't made any modification to my file. I'm not talking of modifications made either by the software or the system which I don't care of, and moreover I don't want to be bothered with. Otherwise, you easily imagine that any simply opened file should be flagged as modified (think of access time ☺).
    – dan
    Dec 30, 2013 at 14:48

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