When my wife imports photos on her mac book pro, they are quickly synchronized in my own iPhoto.

We share the same apple id, but I do not remember having set anything specific to have this (excellent) behavior. How does it work ? (that means : what is the setting to obtain this behavior ?)

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There are two possible answers here:

  1. You are both sharing the same iCloud/.me/.mac account. Look in System Preferences > iCloud > [Account Details] on both systems to compare.

  2. That your wife has shared a Photo Stream with you. Run iPhoto and look at the left hand sidebar in the section named 'Shared'.

  • Thanks for the explanation. We effectively share the same appleId. So, in that case, every photo is synced with full size... Interesting.
    – Laurent K
    Jan 20, 2014 at 10:18

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