How can I use whitespace of different size in Pages? I only know simple space by hitting the space bar and the fixed space (no word wrap) using alt-space.

Is it possible to get a n-, t- or numeric space (unicode 2000 to 200A) using the keyboard? The only possibility I found so far is to use the character viewer, search for "space" and click through the results.


Unicode Hex Input

You can use Unicode Hex Input to enter the characters that you want. Go to System Preferences → Keyboard → Input Sources and enable Unicode Hex Input. Then you can enter the characters by holding ⌥ and typing the Unicode code.

Multi-stroke Key Bindings

You can edit ~/Library/KeyBindings/DefaultKeyBinding.dict and create a multi-stroke key binding for each of the characters that you want to enter. More information is available on this blog post:

Press and Hold

  1. Navigate to System/Library/Input Methods/PressAndHold.app/Contents/Resources/.

  2. Backup the Keyboard-en.plist file.

  3. Append the following to the Keyboard-en.plist file (before the closing </dict></plist>).

        <string>t                   ​       </string>
        <string>t                   ​       </string>

    There are a number of different spaces included in the strings above.

Feel free to change the Roman-Accent-t to any character you wish, providing it does not already have Press & Hold keys assigned.

Text Shortcuts

Go to System Preferences → Keyboard → Text and enter some shortcuts.

Text Shortcuts

  • I added a multi stroke key binding using a DefaultKeyBinding.dict file with ^~space as a dead key, thanks Dec 28 '13 at 21:17

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