I'm trying to record my screen with sound at the same time, but right now, my jack stopped working (it's with the red light) and I have to use a headset so that I can have sound on my Mac.

So my question is: Can I record my screen, my audio input (me babbling) and the supposed audio output that should come from speakers (that now its coming out from my headset).

Is there a way, Or is it just impossible?

  • It was a huge hassle for me to figure this out. Here is a free way on Mac to record audio from your mic and what is playing through your speakers simultaneously (but not your screen): superuser.com/a/1426622/74576 When I want the screen too, I replace QuickTime with OBS, which is also free. – Ryan Apr 17 at 16:45

I've seen many questions like this. The simple solution is Soundflower. You can download it for free at http://cycling74.com/products/soundflower/. As to where you're recording, you would need to select the Soundflower (2ch) or Soundflower (16ch) as your input.

Input 1 = your microphone's audio/your babbling
Input 2 = your speakers' output

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