Whenever I sync my iPhone with iTunes, the phone tells me:

iTunes Sync

1 item could not be synced. See iTunes for more information.

And iTunes tells me:

The app "The Elements" was not installed on the iPhone "[...]" because not enough free space was available.

This makes sense, because the app "The Elements" is very large. But I don't want it on my iPhone anyway.

How can I stop the attempted sync of this specific app?

  1. Go to iTunes and select the device.

  2. Select the Apps tab.

  3. Press the Will Install button so that it removes the status and returns to an Install button.

  4. Press Sync.

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  • I tried that before. That is, I pressed the "Remove" button, which then became "Will remove". But the "Sync" and I got the same thing. However, I (only now) noticed that there was a (somewhat darkened?) icon for the app on the phone. I deleted it there and now things are OK. Thanks anyway (+1). – Řídící Dec 21 '13 at 14:40

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