I want to learn how basic electronic components work and test some basic sensor output etc. My circuits are really simple so i don't need any fancy stuff.

I think MacSpice is CLI so it's too hard for me, i really need GUI app since i know hardly nothing about electronic circuits.

Which app lists electronic components with real names like "resistor 200" and don't use cryptic component codes which are hard to newbie?

  • Why not improve this to explain what specific problem you are trying to solve or why a free circuit simulator from the maker community isn't a good place to start.
    – bmike
    Dec 19, 2013 at 20:15

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This is one of a kind App http://icircuitapp.com/

It has IPad app as well. with simulation capablities

enter image description here




Works on my Mac great, it is similar to the Logisim program for Windows.


Qucs describes itself as a circuit simulator with a GUI. It is free and available from SourceForge. The project is active and under development for updates. The link here lists about 10 circuit simulation programs for the mac. The list is a couple of years old but the good simulations should still be available. This link lists about 15 simulators for the mac.

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