This is the second time my phone turns off on full battery and I cant turn it back on last time i waited two days i guess it drained the battery and all but this time my phone was on 30 % I've called apple and they've only sent me to the apple store I NEED my phone. I tried plugging it into the base and pressing the home button and then connecting it to a computer but my phone wont show up as a device and its quite frustrating. can some body please please help me!?

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    Honestly, to me it sounds like you are experiencing hardware problems with your phone. You may need to consider replacing it, or having Apple repair it. – bassplayer7 Dec 19 '13 at 14:28
  • Have you tried holding the Home button for 10 seconds? This has worked for me in the past but can't remember which software/hardware version.. – JBRWilkinson Dec 19 '13 at 15:26

If you plug an iPhone into a charger it should power on. If it's on but frozen, you could connect to iTunes and reset/ wipe it, but that might lose some data depending on your backup situation and what is on the phone.

If it doesn't, then there is a hardware problem and you'll need to get that fixed or live with a faulty device.

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