I'm looking for an iOS app where, once the music is playing, I can touch anywhere on the screen to pause it, and then start it again.

  • Are the earplugs an option? If you click on them, the music will stop? – Rob Feb 8 '14 at 12:33

The CarTunes Music Player app does what you need - there are no buttons, just taps and swipes for all music controls.

Tapping is play/ pause, swiping is next/ previous track etc. Even volume can be adjusted by holding and dragging up/ down.

The app is not free at the moment but does fluctuate in price and is sometimes even free, as can be seen in the App Activity sidebar on App Shopper

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Beat Music Player is free at the moment and uses a double tap anywhere on screen to start/stop music

LeechTunes LT is also free and a single tap starts/stops playback (there is a paid version as well)

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