I've learned how to split my terminal windows with apple-d and apple-shift-d. Its very useful.
How do I then switch between the two panes (see below) using the keyboard?
I know I can use the mouse but would like to know if there's a key combo to do it.


++/// will let you navigate split panes in the direction of the arrow, i.e. when using +D to split panes vertically, ++ and ++ will let you switch between the panes.

Note: is the [alt] key


Here is some useful keyboard shortcuts in iTerm:

  • +left arrow, +right arrow navigates among tabs. So does -{ and -}.
  • +number navigates directly to a tab.
  • ++Number navigates directly to a window.
  • ++Arrow keys navigate among split panes.
  • +] and +[ navigates among split panes in order of use.

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