I wish to enlarge the widgets in my dashboard, because I find it quite uncomfortable to see the contents of the dictionary widget in that small box.

Is it possible to do that?


It is currently not possible to resize Dashboard widgets yourself.

However, the developer of the widget can make their widget resizable. This Apple Developer Documentation page describes the process by which developers can make their widget resizable, however it is uncommon for a widget to be made resizable:

Try to limit using live-resizing to cases where it is absolutely necessary. If your content can be shown in a fixed, simple user interface, do so.

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no unfortunately thats not possible, they are bounded to whatever size or shape they came in!

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No that's not true you can do it easily you just click on the background of the dashboard (the bit to the left of the trash bin works & it's often a double finger tap depending on how you set your trackpad up) then you choose dock preferences from the pop up box & move the magnification slider up :)

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  • The question doesn't mention the Dock at all. It's about Dashboard Widgets… System Prefs > Mission Control > Dashboard [obsolete since Catalina]. – Tetsujin Nov 6 '19 at 13:48
  • Ahh that's me getting my dock & dashboard muddled up then :-/ – Katostrophic Nov 7 '19 at 15:05

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