Is there an iPhone app that allows one to follow an imported .gpx track, in a car navigation-like way?

The apps I found so far, like Trails, can only display the track on a map. What I am looking for is a "download-and-forget" experience for my bike trips. I want to import a track and just look at my iPhone to tell me in which direction is the next waypoint, or how can I get back on track if I get lost.


Gaia GPS is what you're looking for. Costs $20 USD on the App Store, but the best at what it does.

  • Are you sure it does navigation along a GPX? I perused the descriptions on the Web page and in the App store and couldn't find anything about such a feature. – ttarchala May 17 '15 at 16:06

I don't drive, ride, hike or use GPX myself, but here's an idea, using TomTom:

Get GSAK (thanks to tomtom's forums) to convert the GPX to a TomTom file format and add it (thanks to groundspeak forums) to your iPhone's TomTom.


I know; old question. But I happen to have been looking too, and the closest thing I found was Co-Rider.

Turn by turn spoken instructions, and allows GPX import.

It seems to be geared (pun intended) towards bicycles, so your mileage may vary (pun intended).

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