I would like to do the following:

chmod +x filename.txt

without using the terminal. Is there a way to bypass the terminal and invoke a kernel system call ? I'd rather not write a program to do this. Instead I was wondering if I could somehow simulate a terminal with (perhaps) an application besides terminal to invoke system calls.

I have already tried doing Command Key + i on the file to show the information GUI. However there is no option for setting the execute bit.

Would appreciate help from os x administrator experts in the community.

  • Did you try Automator ?
    – lauhub
    Dec 6 '13 at 9:27

Keyboard Maestro can do this using the following macro, which runs chmod +x on each item in the current Finder selection:

⌃⇧X: For Each Item in the Collection Execute Actions The items in the (fixed) Finder selection; Execute Shell Script; chmod +x "$KMVAR_File".

Download Macro


You could use an SFTP client (like CyberDuck, Transmit etc) to give you a Finder-like view of your files with a GUI interface for permission control to include the x bit.

With Transmit you don't even need to make a SSH connection, you can just browse locally. Not sure if any of the free clients offer this feature.


Path Finder a Finder replacement has a Get Info that allows you to change the execution bit,

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