I have 4 partitions

  1. MAC
  2. Shared 1 exFAT
  3. Windows
  4. Shared 2 exFAT

I can see the partitions when Windows natively but when I am booting Windows through Parallels I cant access any other partitions but Windows

enter image description here

Is there any ways I can fix that?

Was trying this solution http://forum.parallels.com/showthread.php?88709-Creating-custom-Boot-Camp-configurations-in-Parallels-Desktop-4 but not working in the Parrallels 9

  • Virtual machines don't usually allow access to all local files by default. You have to specifically enable sharing. See lauhub's answer below.
    – Chris A
    Dec 5, 2013 at 19:18

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In VM configuration, did you check the Options>Sharing settings are OK ?

SmartMount should be checked.

And verify that all the volumes are mounted by MacOS.

  • All sharing where OK. Couldn't wee SmartMount option but I find out how to mount missed partitions. Dec 5, 2013 at 22:32

I went to Configure>Hardware>Hard Disk 1 and checked all partitions, Partition 2 and 4 weren't checked by default

enter image description here

So now my Partitions looking like that:

enter image description here


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