If Bonjour is installed on all PCs, Macs, is it supposed to make home networking a lot easier? (the heaven of seeing all shared folders any where at home?)

(even the VLC Streamer on iPad claims to use Bonjour)

But now I go look for Bonjour, and Apple is saying it is a printer service:

Bonjour Print Services for Windows

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In a word, yes. Printing is only part of it. http://www.apple.com/macosx/what-is-macosx/core-foundation.html gives a short description, and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bonjour_(software) is a much more detailed one.


That would be a particular Bonjour-using service (which will be bundled with Bonjour for Windows; BfW is also bundled with Safari, iTunes, and MobileMe for Windows, among others). Apple doesn't distribute Bonjour for Windows (to end users; for developers/OEMs there's a package to be bundled with the OEM's own software) all by itself because most people want to do something with it, not just install it. :) (So you get what amounts to a naming artifact due to BfW technically being a separate package, just one that's always distributed along with something else.)

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