Is there any tools to copy text from video's or images?

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You can upload the image to Google Drive and it will use OCR to get the text from it. Or you can use a specialized software like Abby Fine reader for more advanced work.

The quality of the text recognition will vary with image quality. I would use a screenshot to get texts from video.

In Google Drive, you need to set Upload settings below the cogwheel on the right top to „Convert text from uploaded PDF and images files“. Upload settings in Google Drive He will copy the recognized text in the document below the image.


I often also want to quickly copy text from images and videos. However I wasn't able to find a good solution on OS X, as procedures like uploading to Google Drive are far too cumbersome.

This is why I developed Aristocrat, a simple app that performs OCR on a selected region of your screen. It's currently free on the App Store.

  • I tried. Is very nice, but it seems that it can not recognize numbers. Is this the case?
    – Jorge
    Jul 17, 2017 at 3:19

You can use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for the job

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