When dragging a file or files in the Finder, it is possible to hold certain modifier keys to change exactly what you're doing (e.g. to create an alias).

I'd like to be able to drag several files, hold down some combination of modifiers, drop them in a folder, and find them in a newly-created subfolder there.

I don't believe there is a native way to do this, but how can I create a macro to accomplish this with Better Touch Tool or Keyboard Maestro?

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As of OS X 10.9 “Mavericks”, you can do this right from the Finder:

  1. Select your files.
  2. Drag ’n’ drop the files to their new destination.
  3. Press N to create a “New Folder with Selection”.
  4. Optionally, type a new name the folder and press return (otherwise, the file will be named “New Folder With Items”).

You bring up 3rd-party apps. I don’t see how Keyboard Maestro could help in this particular instance. Hazel — or indeed Apple’s own folder actions — might, but only if your target was always the same folder or set of folders.

But you might want to look at some of LaunchBar’s less known capabilities: here’s a deep navigationless link to their keyboard-powered drag-and-drop instructions.

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