I have a bluetooth headset that works on phones and ipad with excellent audio quality. It works with the Mac mini too but the audio quality is awful for both headphones and the microphone (I've tried to change the bitrate from the command line, but it doesn't work).

It seems it's possible (from Googling) to plug a special Bluetooth Audio Adapter USB Dongle into the Mac mini and connect the headset to that adapter thus totally bypassing Mac OS bluetooth pipeline.

But I'm not sure what are those adapters - there are Bluetooth USB Dongles - but those are not what I need. The USB device should be recognized by the Mac OS not as another Bluetooth device, but as an Audio Device. Also it seems that some devices are only transmitting output stereo sound, I need both - high quality mono-or-stereo and high quality microphone.

Can you please tell if such adapter exists?

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