Doing web research, I frequently collect .weblocs on my desktop, clicking on the favicon in a browser URL box, dragging it to the spot I want, and dropping it there. Until recently, the resulting .webloc file would always "stick" where I put it. (So, I could build up "piles" of .webloc icons -- not pretty but effective for quick-and-dirty searches.) Now the .weblock files are ending up somewhere else, stacking up at center-right of my iMac's display. (I guess that's the Finder's I-don't-know-where-to-put-it default for all items going on the desktop.) This occurs for latest versions of FF, Safari, and Chrome.

Files and folders I drag and drop to the desktop still "stick" as before. Favicons dragged to open folders go where I put them, as before.

I think this started happening when I reconfigured my external screen to "be" on the left of the built-in display from being on the right. That's the only fallout of this reconfiguration. Everything else about the side-by-side displays operates as expected.

How can I restore the old --and, I argue, correct-- operation, so .webloc files go where I put them?


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This problem disappeared when I installed MacOS 10.9.

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