Since installing Mavericks whenever I open a new window in XQuartz (say gvim) it positions the newly created window at the top left of my monitor. Because every monitor now has a menu bar, the menu bar covers the title bar of the new window.

This means I can't use my mouse to grab the title bar and drag the window to a new position.

Are there any ways to drag a window using the keyboard, or failing that a way to click on any part of a window to start a drag operation?

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I upgraded Xquartz and the problem went away. Windows open below the osx title bar now instead of underneath it.


There is an option in Mavericks to turn off the menu bar on the second screen. Don't have a Mac at work, so perhaps someone could supply exactly where...

Also some help might be found here on arranging windows


Looks like some good tips and Applescripts for doing what you are looking for


Try running scripts like this in AppleScript Editor:

tell application "System Events" to tell process "ApplicationName"
    set position of windows to {55, 55}
end tell
tell application "ApplicationName"
    set bounds of windows to {55, 55, 555, 555}
end tell

Some windows can also be moved by for example dragging them horizontally from the bottom edge.

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    I tried both those scripts along with another script I had for moving all windows to the primary display. Unfortunately, XQuartz/X11.bin don't seem to respond to those commands. XQuartz reports 0 windows open even though there are many windows open.
    – jmhindle
    Nov 25, 2013 at 14:55

You could use a third party app such as MercuryMover (many others exist). It will allow you to move windows using the keyboard only.


In the Menu for the program you want to reposition - Go to File/ Close all windows/ then reopen the new window and it positions correctly whether you have just the computer or the second monitor attached.

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