I am a web developer looking to get started with apps for iPhone and iPad.

I have only an iPad Air 16GB. Can I install Xcode 5 and iOS SDK in the iPad for testing, while I code using a Windows PC?

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    To run Xcode (with the iOS SDK or OS X SDK), you need a Mac. You can't run Xcode on Windows or on the iPad. Apple does not provide any programming applications that run on an iPhone or iPad. See developer.apple.com/xcode
    – M K
    Nov 22, 2013 at 8:52

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You cannot install Xcode on iPad Air. You need to have a Mac to develop for iOS devices using Xcode and iOS SDK.


You can, but you'll need an OS X machine running and connected to the Internet in order to compile the builds for your iPad.

This is exactly how the Dringend app works.  It runs on your iPad as a slimmed-down 3rd-party Xcode replacement (it even understands .xcodeproj files!), and uses Xcode via a remote OS X host to do the dirty-work.

I thought I read something somewhere about another start-up working towards a product with the same premise, but provides the OS X build-machines as a paid service— I'll update this if I find their name.  Until then, there's always OS X hosting.

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