I'm searching used Macs to buy in eBay. Some of the offered items show the computer's serial numbers in screenshots and/or plain text.

Reading the Q&A Where to find factory list in apple serial number, we see this snippet from EveryMac.com (emphasis on the original):

enter image description here

Why not? What are the risks of buying a Mac whose serial number has been shared on the Internet?


If you have AppleCare phone support, one could, in theory, use your serial number to contact AppleCare for free support. Otherwise, there's no risk to sharing a serial number when selling your Mac.


Just throwing my 2 cents in there,

someone could possibly claim it as theirs, and stolen. *shrugs

  • I think this would require proof of ownership (e.g. invoice) otherwise this would open a floodgate of abuse May 28 at 7:02

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