Let me explain clearly,

I have developed an application and created an app in the app-store with an apple developer id. But, not uploaded the binary version.

Now I need to upload the app with another apple id with the same name. I know if I delete the old one I can reuse the name with other id.

I need to know two things about this,

Is there any time gap required for using the name after deleting the old app(can I create immidietely after deleting the old app)?

Is it possible to use the same Bundle identifier that I used for the old one?

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As the old app's binary version is not uploaded and reviewed, I just renamed that application and then used the name for the new developer id.

Apple accepts the name and the app is now in review.

  • I've always wondered this myself. Thanks for the information! Commented Dec 3, 2013 at 0:18

Sorry but this can not be done

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