For my research I have a number of text (txt or doc) files. These have a large quantity of newspaper clippings in them.

I'd like to split these text files. Each clipping starts with

document X of Y

I know of the split command line tool - is there some way to use split to divide the large text file into the Y number of files as indicated in the larger single (doc or txt) file generated by LexisNexis?

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Split allows for a regexp pattern match so simply:

split -p pattern longfile.doc

Would start each new file when pattern was found. Nailing down which regexp matches your specific file might be better suited for http://stackoverflow.com but perhaps you know how to craft regexp and didn't realize split would match a pattern.

  • Unfortunately i am not familiar with either regexp or split. I found that one can use the command. Are you able to provide me with some more directions?
    – wierts
    Nov 20, 2013 at 17:44

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