I have some difficulties understanding what's wrong in Automator:

I used to launch a short automator script with an exiftool command to organize my pictures by folders:

exiftool -v '-Directory < DateTimeOriginal' -d /Users/home/Pictures/Photos-Sources/APN/%Y/%Y-%m" "%B/%Y-%m-%d" "%A -r "$f"

This script created a folder named according to the date the photo was taken. In my case, some arguments (month or day) are in "French literary", due to my OS X configuration (exiftool doesn't come with any localization option).

After Mavericks installation, the script is still working, but these same arguments are in English only; even when I use this script in a Terminal, they still come in French.

Does anyone have the same issue, or anyone else could help me to understand if I'm mistaken somewhere?


You can change the time format by setting LC_TIME to fr_FR:

LC_TIME=fr_FR exiftool -v '-Directory<DateTimeOriginal' -d ~/Pictures/Photos-Sources/APN/%Y/%Y-%m\ %B/%Y-%m-%d\ %A -r "$f"

$ LC_TIME=C date +%A\ %B
Monday November
$ LC_TIME=fr_FR date +%A\ %B
Lundi novembre

Terminal and iTerm 2 set LANG (which changes LC_TIME) automatically based on the region selected in System Preferences.

On my installations of 10.8 and 10.9, the Run Shell Script command uses the C locale by default though.

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