I am trying to write an app that will trigger an pkg to open so the user can install this. I have the code and it is working well except for the following.

When I try to open the pkg file using open /tmp/mypackage.pkg in most cases it will open the Finder to the users home folder not the package.

I have checked and the package is present within the specified directory and the application is creating the correct command.

The command i am using to do this is in python:

subprocess.Popen(['open', '/tmp/mypackage.pkg'])

From the command line you could use

sudo installer -pkg /tmp/mypackage.pkg -target /

I assume you can incorporate this into your python application.

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    I want to be able to use open only becuase I want to show the installer UI to the user. – user204088 Nov 14 '13 at 11:17

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