In OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 after doing all the updates my Gmail accounts still show messages that are in the inbox but when I login to gmail on the browser, they aren't there.

Is there a way to fix this? I don't remember this happening before. I am using IMAP.

I use IMAP on OS X and use the exchange setup on my phone/iPad. All my accounts are gmail.

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Try "Get Account Info" by right-clicking on the mailbox, which will force Mail to search through the IMAP account for messages and seems to rebuild all mailboxes in the account.

See this answer for further suggestions if that fails.


I found this article for you.

There is a work around proposed b Apple but no permanent fix.

Apple posts workaround for Mavericks Mail sync issues, no permanent fix yet

by NDTV Correspondent, February 04, 2014


mail sync

There's good news and bad news for users of Apple's Mail app who have been plagued by problems since updating to OS X Mavericks. Apple has acknowledged that users are still having trouble despite multiple updates since a new version of Mail first released with the updated operating system, but the suggested fix is only a temporary workaround.

Apple suggests that users disconnect and reconnect from their mail servers by selecting 'Take All Accounts Offline' and then clicking 'Get All New Mail' from the Mailbox menu. This has the same effect as quitting and restarting the app, which is what many users had resorted to doing. Apple also helpfully adds that these two commands can be added to Mail's main toolbar by clicking 'View > Customize Toolbar' and then dragging them from the palette that pops up to the desired position.

The workaround does not fix the underlying problem, although Apple's acknowledgment means they know it exists and are hopefully working on it already.

Since the release of Mavericks, also known as OS X v10.9, users have complained that the Mail app refuses to download new emails and that they have trouble while moving and deleting messages, especially when connected to Gmail accounts. Such problems relate to the desktop software's inability to synchronise changes with remote mail servers.

Two previous updates, including a dedicated Mail Update and the overall Mavericks 10.9.1 release failed to fix these problems for many users. Apple's release notes for 10.9.1 specifically mention improved support for Gmail, reliability fixes, and improved search and mailbox functionality.

Other problems relate to mail being delivered late, folders and tags not updating, and searches not displaying messages that are known to exist.

What I read from it, is Apple knows about the IMAP issues and it is working to fix it. So far the 10.9.2 has not completely resolved it.

I suggest you open the Activity window in Mail to monitor the progress if you have multiple accounts (it might take a while), before doing the get mail (go online)


The only thing that worked for me: enabling 2-step authentication with gmail.

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