I'm trying out the new (v8) Microsoft RDP Client for OSX.

So far the "feeling" is better than the old one - at least cut&paste work better, etc-- but every time I try to connect to a "console" session on the Windows server the client crashes.

Is that "common" or should I treat it as a local problem? I've looked around in the Internet but haven't found too many info on the new client.

Mac Book Pro, 15'' - OSX Mountain Lion


  • Could you be more specific about what you do and what's happening? I.e. how do you connect to a "console"? What exactly do you mean by "crashes"? What is the last thing you see on the monitor? What's in the crash reporter log? How soon does the client crash? What sub-version (8.x.x) do you use? If you found a solution yourself or elsewhere, could you consider posting it here? – user112551 Feb 5 '15 at 8:05

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