I'm new to Mac's in general and iOS development. I've used an iPhone and iPad, and I'm looking to write apps for both. I'm a (newly) registered Apple developer and have Xcode downloaded and working my through it.

My question is this: Are there any third party tools that iOS developers with more experience than I (which is everyone) uses?

Example, in the Windows world I use

  • Notepad++ as a extra text editor.
  • Depends for dependency checks (yes, I realize there might not be a corollary to this)
  • Regex Buddy for building/debuggin regular expressions.
  • etc...

Being ignorant of the iOS landscape, any information anyone could supply on tools (and possibly why they are must haves or need to haves) would be great.

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  • A great site to find a Mac counterparts to software you are used to on Windows is AlternativeTo.net - here is a list of Mac OS X alternatives to Regex Buddy - I have not tried any of them yet. Commented Mar 29, 2011 at 21:58
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Lightweight text editor with syntax highlighting, etc. My Notepad++ replacement. Development has stopped, but it is open source, so it may take off again.

  • It may not. Fraise is a fork of Smultron (who used to be free and open-source too). But since Smultron developer restarted the development (closed source, this time) and put it on the Mac AppStore, Fraise developement was shut down. Commented Mar 30, 2011 at 7:59

On The Job

On The Job is a really well done time tracking app. It's useful if you do client work and want to keep track of how much time you spend on a project. You can put in your hourly rate and (I think) generate invoices.
I use it to check how long a task has taken, and as an anti-procrastination device. It's helpful to know that a task you thought would take 4 hours only took 40 minutes. If you forget to stop it when you go on a break, it notices and asks if you really want to bill for the empty time or just reset to where you left off. It's a little expensive, but gets updated pretty frequently.



If you have to work with SQLite databases, or even just poke around the SQLite that Core Data produces, this is a great app. There's an unrelated Firefox add-on called SQLite Manager (notice the space) which has the great advantage of being free, but isn't as easy to use.



An automated tool to get the 2 versions of icons, images etc for both Hi and Low resolution screen versions (used on the retina screen and not-retina screen devices)

Usefull for iOS development.



A free clipboard manager that is highly customizable and also includes support for snippets. I have it open a list of recently copied items using alt+space and then I can select an item to paste from the list. I recommend spending some time to customize it to your specific workflow.



StoreSizer is an easy to use and free Mac OS X application that will allow you to quickly resize your AppStore 512*512 PNG icons to icons that can be used for your application.


Status Barred

Status Barred crops your iOS screenshots to remove the status bar from them, which is recommended by apple before submitting to iTunes connect.


Keystok for iOS

An elegant developer tool to manage all your iOS app configs. Helps manage API keys and other secrets in your source code at a central place.

PS: I am part of the Keystok team.



Free SDK that allows you to have conversations with users in your app, from the comfort of your e-mail inbox. I helped build it and am really proud of the impact it's having on apps everywhere.

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