I am using Textwrangler (Version 4.5.3) to edit a set of files and I switch between them very often. Instead of opening all files separately I selected the whole folder containing them and opened this.

My problem now is:

Every time I switch from i.e. line 600 of file A in folder XY to file B in folder XY/Z, and then back to file A I have to scroll back to line 600, as Textwrangler opens this file again at the first line.

What I want now is an option that makes it possible to let Textwrangler "remember" where I left off last time I had it open.

I looked through all preferences in TextWrangler but couldn't find an option that does what I want.

  • ever find an answer to this? – spartygw Jan 7 '15 at 14:03
  • Sorry for the late answer. No, unfortunately I didn't. – TabeaKischka Jan 31 '15 at 12:38

Try a program called Brackets. It does exactly what you want. Its also a really cool looking editor, and only requires one window.

Link to Brackets by Adobe: Here


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