The 3rd generation Apple TV apparently comes in two versions:

  • 3rd generation (A1427, model MD199LL/A)
  • 3rd generation Rev A (A1469, also model MD199LL/A)

According to the Apple TV article on Wikipedia these models are identical except for some internal architectural changes which make the Rev A model consume less power.

I'm seeing some prices for the original model A1427 about 25% cheaper than the A1469 model. Is there any reason to not get the cheaper device? For example do I risk potential lack of future software support for the older model? E.g. is it conceivable that Apple could release a software version that runs on the A1469 but doesn't run on the A1427?

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Rev A can perform peer-to-peer Airplay wireless streaming. Source: http://support.apple.com/en-us/HT4437

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