I have an iPhone 4 that has a broken power button. There is no warranty because I bought it from my friend.

It has never been a problem because I had AssistiveTouch, until now.

I went to use the iPhone one day and it was stuck in a boot loop.

I have never attempted to jailbreak it or install 3rd party software onto it. When I connect it to iTunes it says that I need to respond on the iPhone before I can restore or sync it. I can't respond because it's in a boot loop and I can't enter DFU mode because the power button is broken.

Is there a way to put the phone in to DFU mode when it's power button is broken?

UPDATE: After I made this post, I plugged my iPhone into a Samsung wall charger and it booted properly. I used it all day, until it died. Once I got home, I plugged it into the charger, and now it's stuck on the boot loop again. When the iPhone booted normally, iTunes allowed me to put files on it, etc. I have already tried RecBoot, and iTunes won't let me sync.

  • Do you really need hardware DFU mode or just normal recovery mode? – bmike Nov 8 '13 at 16:31
  • Have you managed to fix it? I have the same problem with my ipad – xtarsy Dec 28 '13 at 15:06
  • maybe if the software on your phone is acting as not expected and also the hardware is defect it's time to think about a new phone ;) – konqui Mar 6 '14 at 7:11

If your iPhone is stuck in recovery mode, DO THIS: (ON Screen USB pointing to a CD with a Music Note).

  1. Make sure your iTunes is up to data, if not re-download itunes.

  2. after re-installing ITUNES, plug your iphone via USB into your computer. ITUNES will automatically pick it up and a pop up box will probally say that your IPHONE is in recovery mode would you like to restore?

  3. Click the restore tab. Note - If ITUNES if out of date, this will not work. Note - Do not do this over WIFI Note - Do not interrupt the restore Note - If you did not make a previous back up, your IPHONE will restore back to the factroy settings.

All this happened to me, fortunately I made a back up. I hope this helps.


If you're able to have iTunes recognize the phone and are able to attempt to do a restore, you can use redsn0w to modify a download of the current iOS firmware version (the version you have on the phone) to create a new firmware file whose purpose is just to boot up the phone in DFU mode (without the having to use the power/sleep and home buttons).

The entire process is described in this tutorial by iClarified - How to Enter DFU Mode With a Broken Home or Power Button (it's for Windows, but it's the same process on OS X).

  • Download the latest version of redsn0w for your OS (OS X or Windows)
  • Download the right firmware for your current iOS version for the iPhone 4 from Apple through the direct links on this iOS firmware download page
  • Extract the redsn0w zip file and run the redsn0w application
  • Click the Extras button in the main window
  • Click the Even More button in the Extras window
  • Click DFU IPSW
  • Acknowledge the dialog that describes that this is for devices with broken buttons
  • Choose the firmware file you downloaded earlier from Apple
  • redsn0w will let you know once it's done creating a new firmware file for DFU mode (the name would start with ENTER_DFU)
  • Connect your device with iTunes open and in the Summary view, click Restore while holding Option (on OS X) or Shift (on Windows)
  • When iTunes prompts you to choose the firmware, select the ENTER_DFU firmware file
  • Once the device is restored, it will be in DFU mode
  • Since this restores the device, it will wipe all data, right? – Spotlight Apr 9 '15 at 22:06

Download and install Recboot. This will often let you put the phone in recovery mode. here is the link http://sebby.net/recboot-mac/recboot_2_2.zip

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