I tried looking for the "guest" password by doing the command dscacheutil -q user and found the guest account. I saw that there was a "password" (I know that the usual guest account does not have a password) so may I ask what is the "guest password"?

Terminal output snippet:

name: Guest
password: ********
uid: 201
gid: 201
dir: /Users/Guest
shell: /bin/bash
gecos: Guest Account

By the way, I want to use my knowledge to show off Terminal's sudo without using login or su. (I do not want the commands passwd or anything similar from that)

Edit: As of El Capitan, the Guest user will output one star as below:

password: *

The 'Guest' user does not have a password.

The command you are using: dscacheutil -q user -a name guest always outputs 8 stars (********) no matter what password the user actually has set. As OS X only stores the hashed password, there is no easy way (besides using a password cracker) to recover passwords.

Edit: Hashed, not encrypted.

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    Actually the password is hashed (one way function) and not encrypted. Otherwise it would be possible to decrypt it (with the proper key). – Matteo Feb 21 '15 at 13:31

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