My iPhone displays phone numbers on incoming calls. How do I get it to display the name of the caller


iPhone will displays the name of the caller only if the incoming number matches with that of any of the saved contacts.


To add the person as a Contact so the caller ID displays as his/her name:

  • Go to the Contacts App in your iPhone.
  • Create a new contact by clicking the + icon at the top right.
  • Enter a First name and other information.
  • Tap the add phone (Green + icon) and add the phone number for the person. Repeat for other numbers such as Home and Work.

Now when the person calls you will see his/her name as a caller ID.

You can also do the reverse from the Phone app.

  • Tap the Recents icon at the bottom.
  • Tap the info icon (looks like an 'i' in a circle)
  • Tap Create New Contact
  • Add the person's name and, if needed, change the phone number type.

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