In my system, two 'input sources' (languages) are enabled, and I use different languages in different 'documents' (apps).

I have Chromium or Safari open (a Webkit browser, that is to say) with English language selected for input. Then I switch to (for example) Skype where I use Russian. And when I switch back to the browser, it has Russian language selected as the current input language—the browser picks the language from another app.

This happens only when I switch to the web page itself. If I click in the address bar instead (from Skype or from the browser), the language will switch to English. And if I then put focus in the page again, it will still be English (i.e. the address bar acts as another 'document').

So, every time I switch to the browser to type something, I have to make sure I change the language to the proper one first. Languages seem to work fine in other respects across the system (though I recall having the same issue in the Terminal before but it disappeared, possibly with an update).

What could cause this behavior? Is there a solution? Is it a known issue?

Versions, for the record:

OSX 10.8.5 (build 12F37)
Chromium 30.0.1599.101 (227552) from FreeSMUG
Safari 6.0.5 (8536.30.1)

All browser extensions are turned off, no Flash in the open pages (because this happens even on the 'new tab' page).
The issue is not new, I had it since 10.7.


Welp, since different input sources for different documents are no longer in OS X as of 10.9, I don't have the problem anymore.

Now I use Punto Switcher to switch the language for different applications, and it does that fine (although it seems to hang language switching altogether once in a while).

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