I don't know yet whether this is a problem with OSX 10.9 but I am unable to read the cards in my MBA after installation of 10.9. Any solution for this yet?

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    No answer, but I'd thought I'd chime in and say I have the same problem. Same SD card works fine on my 10.8 machine at work. – Dale Sattler Oct 29 '13 at 19:52
  • @DaleSattler Luckily, I am still able to read the cards through the USB-cable to my Sony Nex -- a bit irritating though that I need to read through USB with some external device. – hhh Oct 29 '13 at 22:43

Are they NTFS formatted? I am having trouble with flash drives that are NTFS formatted. I use the free NTFS-3G software and am guessing that's the issue. One post here seems to echo that sentiment:

CNET NTFS-3G user review

Also, found these Apple support posts where people indicate their problem is solved with NTFS-3G and Mavericks



  • My friend said that OSX really destroys the cards coming from Sony cameras, somehow tries to format them or something. I don't know what he meant but this may be related thing... – hhh Nov 16 '13 at 23:45

I was having a similar issue - this helped me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbc0l-t3f1Q

  • Perhaps useful +1 for someone with MPro but not working with MBA 2012 and MBA 2013 with the newest OSX. – hhh Nov 16 '13 at 23:43

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