I just upgraded to Mavericks. Now, every time I wake it up from the lock screen or standby and proceed to type in my password it rejects it.

To get back in I have to select "switch user", then type in my username and the (same) password. Afterwards it requires me to set a new password and only then it lets me in.

This is, as you might imagine, very annoying. How can I get rid of this new security requirement?

  • Have you tried to repair permissions (using Disk Utility)? – Hobbes Oct 29 '13 at 10:52

I figured it out. Somewhere during the upgrade process the password policy maxMinutesUntilChangePassword was set to 100. So every 100 minutes I had to reset the password...

To solve it I used the pwpolicy command:

pwpolicy -u "MyUserName" -setglobalpolicy "maxMinutesUntilChangePassword=86400"

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